Space for Jump
Left/Right for Run

Simple Game, Just run and run, avoid obstacles and Finish, but it's not that easy hehe (Recommended for Soul-Like Player (i Guess hehe))

Sprite: Pixel Frog & 9EO
Music: Ansimuz & Gamaliwa
SFX: JDWasabi & Cici Fyre
Tileset: 0x72
Font: vrtxrry

Sorry for Low Quality Graphic

Support me if u like my game ~


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Hai, saya admin Candela Imagine , makasih sudah join di Candela juga gamenya^^

Kami mau nanya, apa ada info kontak dari DCP? Seperti FB, twitter, dsb. Untuk kontaknya bisa juga di update di gamenya yang ada di Candela ya~


The game is good, i chek and some comment here are desnecessary, te game is good, cool idea and hard, its not his fault that you guys cant pass the 1st jump, the mechanics work well

thanks bro, glad to read this T^T

bro cant pass the first thing
platform falls

(1 edit) (+1)

hehehe, u need find the secret bro, its just like cat mario, btw thank for playing my game

(1 edit)

i think it falls if i stand on 2 platforms before. still cant pass

btw i use construct check my game too


Jump here, thats the secret hehe


Poorly made

my bad :'(

bruh you can't say that. I think the game is great :D good job

thank you, I'm so touched T^T (im serious)

Absolutely infuriating.

Indeed :-)

thank you, that the point hehehe